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“Fit-n-Sit” Seat Covers wants to help you stay healthy by informing you and your family about the unknown bacteria that live in movie theatre and airplane seats. 

When you go to the movies or travel, you handle money, handle food, eat, drink and touch your surroundings. You wipe your mouth, eyes, and nose. Not realizing it, you are contaminating yourself with germs. One quick, easy and inexpensive way that you can help prevent illness is by covering your seat with our Fit-n-Sit cover

Prevention and avoiding the high cost at the doctor’s office, prescription drugs, creams and other over the counter medicine every time you visit the movies.   Using the “Fit-n-Sit” Seat Cover will save you money!
Fit-n-sit Seat covers make a great and unique gift for family and friends.

My name is Raquel Flowers and this business started with my mother and her fear of germs!!!  My mother would always complain about how dirty and potentially germ infected the seats were in airplanes and movie theaters and that she wanted to protect us from those germs.

One day my mother mentioned that she was going to design a washable, reusable fitted seat cover made of stretchable fabric for movie and airplane seats.  She even talked about a cover for the arms.  The more research she did, the more passionate she became and now her dream is a reality and the Fit-N-Sit cover is here!  Wow!!

My sister, Nicole Provenzano, and I are taking her idea and putting it out to the world to protect YOU from the germs that lurk all around that we can not see. 

It’s a perfect gift to give yourself and your love ones.


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